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Mimi in Kansas writes:

Back in April when I first contacted you, I thought I had made the biggest mistake in my life in the horse I had purchased. Not only could I not even walk him with a lead rope, he was skittish, and basically out of control. There is no way that I felt comfortable even being around him.

Today, well, it is a totally different story. After 6 months of you working my Quarter Horse, I still can't believe my eyes. He is so well trained, calm, and is basically the "dream horse" I had always hoped for. I can't thank you enough for what you have done with my horse. Please feel free to have any customers contact me, if I hadn't seen the difference you've made with my own eyes I wouldn't believe it.

If anyone out there is looking for the best horse trainer around who truly has a God given gift with working with horses, don't hesitate to contact Patrick Benson.

I can promise you, you won't be disappointed. Patrick truly cares!"

Cindi in Maine writes:

I met Patrick three years ago at a clinic here in Maine. His personality and knowledge of horses had a lasting impression on me as I have a horse that has been a bit of a challenge. When I attended my first clinic with Patrick my horse had issues with moving forward. Buddy would blow through the bit at the stop, drop his shoulder around corners, and turn and bolt when he spooked.

Within the first ten minutes of working with Buddy and I, he helped me understand why Bud was doing the things he was doing. (Obviously rider inexperience!) He helped me gain control over his head and move his shoulders to where I wanted them. Patrick was very thorough in showing me, as well as, telling me how certain techniques were done. If I did not understand something, Patrick would find a different way of explaining it so I could and was more than willing to answer any questions I had.

Although every trainer has their own techniques that work, Patrick has shown me different ones that my horse responds to immediately. He is great with horses and has extreme patience. (With both horse and rider!) I have more confidence when I am in the saddle than I have ever had before. I feel that Buddy and I have a better relationship now and really enjoy our rides together. I look forward to working with Patrick whenever he comes to Maine!

Sharon in Kansas writes:

We had a great experience with Patrick Benson and Keith Hosman at their Kansas City clinic.

I have taken the John Lyons magazines for some time but had difficulties applying the techniques from a printed page. In 3 days training of the Josh Lyons Techniques, I understood the theories and applied the exercises that Patrick and Keith demonstrated. The trainers demonstrated on my horse and allowed me to experience a ride on their horses, allowing me to get the feel of what should happen when the cues are given.

The change in my horse and my riding ability was remarkable!

It was physically and mentally challenging for me and my horse but well worth the effort. My husband attended as an observer and was also able to gain valuable information. We can't wait for the next opportunity! Thanks Patrick and Keith."

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Pamela in CA writes:

"I had the pleasure of hosting Keith and Patrick at my ranch in November. I was extremely impressed with their training techniques. I am a loyal follower of the John Lyons method of training and I enjoyed the 're-fresher' training I received. Several of my boarders participated in the clinic and really learned a lot of usable techniques. They told me how glad they were to have been a part of it.

They all were on a 'horse high' as they put it after the clinic! We are all very much looking forward to their return in April. They have the CobbleStone Ranch 'stamp' of approval!"

Victoria in Maine and "Candy," the Overo that now has "brakes" writes:

I wanted to thank you both again for the wonderful training session at Pen-Beth Farm. My confidence has really improved since that day in September. My deepest gratitude to you both for your patience and for teaching me the skills I needed. Who knew I would be relaxed and trotting by my own choice by the end of our session! I thank my trainer every day for encouraging me to work with you guys.

I'm looking forward to working with you both again next year!

June Brinson in North Carolina writes:

I just wanted to thank you both (Keith and Patrick) again for such a great clinic. You guys work well together and helped me learn to do the same with my horse.

I had hoped I would be able to pick up a few useful tools for working with my horses but, I had no idea I would take as much away from a two day clinic as you guys gave us. Your techniques are wonderful and your ability to present them to the group so that we could understand them and put them to work was truly magic.

As we went into the class, it was obvious that the horses and riders attending the clinic were all at different levels and I was amazed at the transformation of all horses and riders by the end of just the first day. Even people attending the clinic without a horse approached us and told us they could see our horses "getting it."

I really appreciate the amount of time you spent on each horse your willingness to stick around on breaks and after a class to help anyone work through things they were having difficulty with. As my horse and I show off our new clinic knowledge around the barn, many are wanting to know when you will be back so they can attend. Bleu and I hope it's soon.

Marian in Maine writes:

"Patrick is a natural teacher and trainer, easily connecting with the horse and rider. Before we began any riding
sessions, he asked me for "My goals" for working with him. Now I practice all the routines and exercises he used
during our lessons, because they are helping me reach "my" goals for my horse & myself. He is a perceptive and
sensitive rider, full of enthusiasm for his training and teaching."

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